St. Jude Prayer for the Unemployed

Lord Jesus, my desire to work is itself your gift. You gave me talents so I could shine Your light to others in the world. Send Your Spirit to guide me to work that will provide security and joy, and most of all the ability to serve You in love. St. Jude, I do not know where I am going—and so I call upon you in my need. Bless my spirit with the determination to press on. Give my heart patience and fortitude. Help me, dear friend, to know that God’s plan for me is forged out of love. Amen.


  1. St. Jude please intercede on my behalf. It’s been a year since I graduated and I haven’t found a job. I’m really low in confidence and I need your intercession. I know it’s a sin to loose hope but I’m really struggling to keep my faith in God strong. Father please forgive me for being like this and for having hurt you so many times. Please pray for me so that I may trust in the Lord and never loose hope. help me to lead a good life. I will be appearing for a job examination in the coming weeks and so I really need your intercession father.Help me glorify his name in pain and in joy..

  2. Dearest St. Jude

    As always, you have never failed me. Thank you so much for interceding on my son’s behalf. He’s been desperate to get a job being a fresh graduate. He passed the technical test and is now waiting for interview. I will continue to pray the novena. Thank you for being there for me, for my family. Indeed, answered prayers. Thank you St. Jude.