Powerful Helper in Extreme Need :

"St. Jude Thaddeus shows his special help and protection in difficult and desperate circumstances. Thus, he has become universally known as the "Patron of Hopeless and Desperate Cases."

"St. Jude has obtained recovery for those stricken with maladies that defied human skill and remedies. He has obtained grace to overcome deeply-rooted evil habits--those afflictions that are far more difficult to cure than any sickness. Because of his own love for purity, and his zealous care in preserving it, he has come to be regarded as a special protector of this virtue. Not only does he help those who are pure to retain their purity, but he also speedily aids those assailed by impure thoughts and enslaved by impure habits.

"The holy Apostle obtains help in anguish, distress, calumny, poverty, misery--yes, even in despair and in circumstances where aid seems utterly impossible. In return, we ought to give him our confidence, love and gratitude. If our requests are not immediately granted precisely according to our own ideas and wishes, surely they will be, sooner or later, according to the designs of God.

"One of the most powerful means to obtain the aid of St. Jude is to have the holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered in his honor. A triduum or a novena of Masses (that is, a Mass on three or on nine consecutive days) is so much the more powerful. One also may assist at Holy Mass for such a number of days in his honor.

"Receiving Holy Communion in his honor is also a powerful form of imploring his help, and grateful clients often express their thanks by offering Holy Masses and Communions after receiving his help.

"A favorite way of invoking St. Jude is through novenas (prayers said for nine days in succession).

"Other effective means of obtaining his help are to make an offering to some charitable cause or perform some other good work in his honor. Nothing gives us a surer pledge of God's help and the intercession of the Saints than works of mercy. St. Leo says, 'Prayer has the greatest efficacy to obtain favors from God when it is supported by works of mercy.' Father Lefer asserts: 'Persons of all classes in the most desperate situations came to me. Frequently all means failed to obtain the longed-for grace until I said to them, 'Practice charity.' If they followed this advice, they invariably received help.'"

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