Among you stands one you do not know. John 1:26

For years, a priceless statue stood unrecognized in the foyer of a New York mansion owned by the French embassy. 

It was badly damaged, but it was kept there because it had a charm about it that made it a good conversation piece.

Then, one day the statue caught the attention of Dr. Brandt, a professor at New York Un.

Suddenly, she saw that it resembled a long-lost work of Michelangelo. She was right. It turned out to be "Cupid," which he had sculpted in his youth.

The story of the statue makes a good parable of God. Like the statue, God is present in our midst, but unrecognized by most people.

But every once in a while someone recognizes God's presence, as Dr. Brandt recognized Michelangelo's lost "Cupid."

Why do so many people, especially today, fail to recognize God's presence among us?

God often visits us, but most of the time we are not at home.

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